Wellness Talks

FREE Stress Release Workshops

Complete Balance offers Free Stress Release Workshops to local schools and businesses. Our doctors offer these workshops for free as part of our mission to improve the health of our community.

We have spoken at over 50 schools and businesses over the last few years and the response has been great.

Here is what they are saying...

"My staff loved the Complete Balance Stress Release Workshop. It was inspirational, practical and the timing was perfect."

- Aleta Peters, Principal, Guinn Elementary, Anaheim

"I am doing a few of the habits to release stress and I feel like I have more energy, am sleeping better and feel like I am a better teacher. Thank you Complete Balance."

- Wendy Guzman, 6th grade teacher

"My staff is still talking about the Stress Release workshop from a month ago. The habits are simple and easy to implement. The workshop has made a huge difference for us."

- Trish Waltz, CEO of S.P.A.R.E. Counseling

If you want to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve morale at your school or business, email us at [email protected] or call us at 714.572.9555 to schedule a free Stress Release workshop.